Banish Anger ~ Summon Joy

Test of Faith by Artist WAK

By MonticueConnally

There are many of us who find peace when we meditate but only find war when we go out into the world. We are beaten up, manipulated and tossed around and when we get home, we go to our altars to center ourselves and find temporary solace before bed. The next time you are meditating and you catch a flash of inner peace, focus and hold onto it. Magnify it by letting its influence expand until it fills your entire being. Don’t lose the sense of tranquility when your eyes open. Try to walk into that tranquil space while moving through your day. Be just as still inside and as alert as when you were at your altar. As you are influenced by the people and the situations around you, sit back in your peace and notice your own thought patterns and emotions. SEE them as they are (not as good or bad) and ask yourself if these patterns are creating the road that will lead to your desired goal. Even more importantly, ask yourself if you can remain in peace and see all the many blessings while on the journey. The journey is the gift. Knowing this to be true is not enough. Your other aspects of self must reflect the knowledge in your head or else your actions will contradict what you think you know.

One of the best examples of this is with kids fighting to be in the front of the line. The knowledgeable kid is yelling “Hey, stop fighting, we are all going to the same place!” He is yelling this truth while pushing and fighting to be in the front of the line. This is how many of us behave. We know the journey; the present is where the life is. We know that the journey is the blessing but we are constantly worrying and fighting to control things that are out of our immediate power. We want what we want, right now, never realizing that the joy has to come from within first. We forget that joy is a muscle that walking in meditation helps us to develop. If you have not worked your joy muscles by practicing the art of maintaining happiness, you will never be happy, even after your goal is reached because you never learned joy.

Our goals are essentially propulsion for us to walk. The goal is the carrot dangling in front of us (horses) to keep us moving on this trail. The goal Continue reading

God in Me by Artist WAK

Demons of Disconnect

By MonticueConnally

I once spoke with a wise man who said that as we elevate in spiritual consciousness, the less we need the outside world, earth and all. In his view, the greatest of the greatest of men in the ancient of days “elevated” from the eating of meat, to the eating of veggies, to the drinking of only liquids, to living off of the breath alone. He said that this is the ultimate level of spiritual mastery and completion because at this stage there is nothing that has to go into the body or come out of the body. There are too many spiritual systems that act as though the ultimate achievement of man would be to not be dependent on the earth for anything (as if air is an exception).  Man was never meant to be separate spiritually from the beautiful Mother Earth. There is too much medicine within Her, and the more he understands self, the more he can understand Her. The goal is not to try to understand self to detach and be alone on some Zen island of peace. It’s actually the opposite. The goal is to understand self; to know your strengths and find purpose in order to CONNECT and work harmoniously with whatever is in your environment. Our planet’s foods, herbs, stones, other various elements and wonderful beings can aid you wherever you are in your spiritual development. There are elements (stones, plants, etc.) that stimulate the crown chakra and elements that are more grounding, helping to balance the functioning of the so-called “lower chakras”.

I think that is part of the problem behind the desire to disconnect is in our language. We associate “higher” with closer to God/ perfection and “lower” with being closer to Earth/imperfection. This is an incorrect way to look at spiritual development. For example, it is wise to see the chakras as a circle (going from root to crown and back to root) instead of a one way upward line to heaven. By looking at it in a linear/ hierarchical sense, we tend to demonize the other spheres of consciousness. Does the water go up as steam and not fall again as rain? Is not the Continue reading