Spiritual Advisor

Priestess Jeanine DeOya

I was born a Psychic Intuitive-Empath. I have had the Sensitive ability to pick up energies from people and entities since I was a child.  My Spirit Guides came to me shortly after puberty. They have guided my life ever since. I have practiced the Metaphysical now for almost twenty years. I am a Professional Counselor. My specialty is in Relationship Counseling, Life Coaching and Dream Interpretation.

My tools are Tarot Reading, the Pendulum and Crystals. I often use my Spirit Guides to lead me through intense readings for my clients. My greatest desire is to help those who want to succeed, and teach those who want to find their own inner power and strength. I also help people find their True Spirit Guides or Totems. Let me help guide you through this wonderful journey we call life. When available you can contact me at http://bit.ly/MYcbbt  or http://www.aawiccan.org/site/Readings.html

For any assistance in Spell Work you can contact me at Spiritual_She@yahoo.com .

Blessed Be – Peace, Love and Light.

Jeanine is the Priestess of the The Correllian Nativist Tradition and has an Ordination from Universal Life Church She has been a student of Wicca and the Metaphysical for 20 years. She is the operator of the website the African American Wiccan Society.  She holds a BSW degree and is the Author of the book Portal into the Light of Truth: The First Book of Wicca for African-Americans


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