Voyages to the Other Side

By MonticueConnally
Astral Travel
Astral Travel

One day as I was lying on the couch, I felt energy between my eye brows and above my head. The vibrations of the energy between my eyebrows grew really intense. I focused on the intensity and felt a slight pain in my head which was accompanied by a slight sizzling sound. Fully conscious; I felt a sensation that was like I was being squeezed into a small hole. This was an unpleasant sensation, and I also felt discomfort in my lower gut and kidney area. All of a sudden I was shot through what I can only describe as a cosmic tunnel. All around me was darkness and what appeared to be stars zipping past me at light speed. I found myself in a cabin. I attempted to walk but fell gently, and slowly. I could barely control my limbs which were much lighter than usual. I quickly realized that I was using my light body, or what is commonly referred to as an astral body.

I was having a hard time using this astral body and I stumbled around the cabin in an uncoordinated yet feather-like fashion. My motions reminded me of moving in virtual reality: a computer simulated environment. I experienced virtual reality as a child and had great difficulty enjoying the experience. I looked around the virtual game world wearing the virtual goggles and reached for things using the virtual gloves but the movements in the game didn’t exactly mirror the intent of the movements that I was making. The timing was a bit off and reaching any objective was quite frustrating. My astral experienced proved to be quite similar to that. I realized that I wasn’t even using the same parts of my mind to move this body. The parts of the mind that I used, while in my physical body, were much easier to access. To use this astral body I had to concentrate my will more intensely. It was sort of like a child having to stand on his tip toes to flip a light switch. I eventually learned to move gracefully and noticed how stable the environment was. The realm and its laws behaved very similar to that of the physical.

I was abruptly overcome with thoughts of worry. I wondered if I would I ever see my family and my familiar surroundings Continue reading