God in Me by Artist WAK

Demons of Disconnect

By MonticueConnally

I once spoke with a wise man who said that as we elevate in spiritual consciousness, the less we need the outside world, earth and all. In his view, the greatest of the greatest of men in the ancient of days “elevated” from the eating of meat, to the eating of veggies, to the drinking of only liquids, to living off of the breath alone. He said that this is the ultimate level of spiritual mastery and completion because at this stage there is nothing that has to go into the body or come out of the body. There are too many spiritual systems that act as though the ultimate achievement of man would be to not be dependent on the earth for anything (as if air is an exception).  Man was never meant to be separate spiritually from the beautiful Mother Earth. There is too much medicine within Her, and the more he understands self, the more he can understand Her. The goal is not to try to understand self to detach and be alone on some Zen island of peace. It’s actually the opposite. The goal is to understand self; to know your strengths and find purpose in order to CONNECT and work harmoniously with whatever is in your environment. Our planet’s foods, herbs, stones, other various elements and wonderful beings can aid you wherever you are in your spiritual development. There are elements (stones, plants, etc.) that stimulate the crown chakra and elements that are more grounding, helping to balance the functioning of the so-called “lower chakras”.

I think that is part of the problem behind the desire to disconnect is in our language. We associate “higher” with closer to God/ perfection and “lower” with being closer to Earth/imperfection. This is an incorrect way to look at spiritual development. For example, it is wise to see the chakras as a circle (going from root to crown and back to root) instead of a one way upward line to heaven. By looking at it in a linear/ hierarchical sense, we tend to demonize the other spheres of consciousness. Does the water go up as steam and not fall again as rain? Is not the rain as sacred as the steam? Ask the thirsty man! We are meant to understand the lessons of each chakra and refine how they process information. All the chakras are equally important and equally useful. One is not better than the other. In a musical scale (Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do), is “Do” less important than “Re”? Of course not! We use all of them (and the notes in between) to make beautiful music of all kinds. In the case of a band, we need the drums, the bass, the guitar and the singer to all work together. Each piece of the band must understand its strengths and weaknesses, just as each sphere comes with its own “strengths” and “weaknesses” depending on the work you are trying to accomplish.

There is a popular myth that when one unifies with the crown chakra, they will be “perfect” or some kind of “God-man” as if we can even define what “perfect” is. There are many kinds of “perfect” for perfection is in the use of a thing. Perfection is not innate. Even a spoon is perfect….for eating!!! A dog is perfect…for barking! There are too many spiritual systems that deify the Mother Theresa (respectively) types only. Mother Theresa may have been a perfect conduit for giving love, but try throwing her in a boxing match. There is this myth that the Sage will be flawless at anything he tries due to his higher consciousness. “Higher” consciousness can develop the ties to subtle tastes, and strength of character but we as seekers must understand the freedoms and limitations of each realm. There are places and situations in life where the only way to survive is to be very rooted in the Root Chakra element of act & survive first. These are places where “think and love and nurture” will get you killed. If myself (a spiritual sensitive) and another man firmly rooted in the root chakra (and disconnected from the others) had to compete for the same job, and we were both forced to sleep in a hotel full of angry and bothersome spiritual entities, the other man would sleep well and awaken full of energy and vitality. Without the proper tools at my disposal, I would suffer throughout the night from psychic attacks. My sensitivity (which is highly revered in some circles) would actually be my handicap in this situation.

My point is that all of the spheres of consciousness have their place. We are all born with chakras that are more active and those that are less active. This is one of the main determinants of our personality. Note that I didn’t use the wording of “under active” or “over active” for this implies imbalance and imperfection. There is no “perfect alignment.” We don’t “balance” our chakras and become the same person as another person that has “balanced” their chakras. What we do is take what we were given and live in a way that fine tunes our own configuration so that we may successfully complete our work and harmoniously fit where we were designed to fit in the web of life. The aim is not to become someone else, but a better you. The aim is not to become Jesus or someone else’s image of perfection that you have placed in your mind. We deal with chakra work not to alter the chakra itself but to alter the way it digests information for we are who we are. We don’t want any blockages that prevent us from being our best selves. I know this may sound limiting to some, but limits are good. To define a thing is to know how to use it effectively. This doesn’t mean to foolishly remove all experimentation or to not push your limits. I’m sure a pencil could be a fine weapon if necessary but as a writing utensil, it is far superior. To know our limits is to know where we fit and where to ask for help. We need each other. We need Earth in all of her forms and elements. Our bodies are healed both from spiritual work within and from the planet’s many gifts (foods, herbs, etc.). Our auras and chakras are also energized from the proper use of these gifts as well as the vibrations given off by certain stones and other various elements. To believe that we should aim to not need herbs and stones, the other elements and good raw foods from the earth to help as medicine for soul and body is folly. To believe this type of flawed belief is a “privilege” of the disconnected.

Some of us do not have this disconnect. For the awakened of us, our souls scream out to connect to nature in all her vast healing forms! Some of us don’t have the choice to choose a belief system/religion and to hold to it through faith alone. As a seer, I don’t have the choice to live solely in the realm of what seems logical or real based off of a Holy text or the popular science of today. I know for a fact there are many types of unseen spiritual entities that exist around us. But this was learned through direct experience and not through a faith. Some of us are not so disconnected that the demons of disconnect, and ghosts of the angry departed, can dance around us unnoticed. (Many of the disconnected people think they can’t sense a demonic entity because of positive thinking or the God of their religion when in fact they were never sensitive enough to perceive these realms in the first place!)

Privilege makes people say some foolish things. I have met several of the privileged financially saying that, “Oh that starving tribe wants to starve. When they change their thinking or their God, the Universe will provide” as if resources, knowledge, skills and politics play no part in such things. They speak as if the people aren’t possibly in the same religion, don’t pray for the same things or don’t have a positive outlook. Many of the “privileged” speak as if what they inherited from their forefathers has nothing to do with the sufferings of the world.
We are the reminders!

We, the Witches, Devotees, Shamans, Mystical Humanists, Zen Orisha, Seers, Conjurers, Priests and Priestesses must remain proud and keep our sense of connect. Many of us honor Earth and the rituals She has inspired due to religious faith. Others work with Her on a deep metaphysical level due to the necessities that come with a certain mystical or psychic sensitivity. Every time we eat or wear a root to increase physical or spiritual vitality we honor that connect. When we take the time to sit and commune with a tree, we honor that connect. Anytime we pour libation in honor of the sacred or wear a stone to ward off the bad vibes of those with anger or hate towards us, we are honoring that connect. Whenever we go to our gardens and eat straight from the blessed soil, we honor that connect! Whenever we go find the necessary herbs, ask permission to use them and get the desired result after their use, we are building an intimate relationship with Earth.

We live in a time where Earth is considered dirty and full of weeds. We are taught to not touch Earth; she is beneath us. We are taught to kill the natural medicines mistaken as a “weeds” and throw them out (and plant more grass) and then go buy medicine nicely packaged at a store. We are taught the “weeds” are nameless and useless. Who is really benefitting from this disconnect of man and earth? Who is benefitting from all of our illnesses, spiritual and physical? Big business. Big business benefits from your thinking that all you need is the name of a deity or positive thinking or a Holy book to be saved. These tools can be useful, but at the heart of it all, we need each other, our Earth and the understanding of how to move in harmony with Her physically and spiritually.

As I previously stated, a wise man once said that as we elevate in spiritual consciousness, the less we need the outside world or the Universe. I say that as we elevate in spiritual consciousness the more we can use and be of use to the outside world and the Earth. Higher Consciousness isn’t about separating and floating away from the troubles of the world. It is about a medicinal merging; a finding of one’s true place in this wonderful web of divinity.  Let’s pass on the traditions and the stories that invoke awe and teach the wisdom of Earth. Let us learn to approach her in the ways that reap the greatest rewards and promote her to her rightful position as Master Healer and Great Mother.


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