The Anatomy of Spells

Magick Spells
Magick Spells
By Jeanine DeOya

What is a magick Spell? Good question. The oldest English meaning of the word spell I could find stated that it came from the Old High Germanic word – spellōn meaning communication of thought by words; talk, conversation, discourse, to foretell,  to mean, or to promise. This is how the phrase “Sit for a spell” came into being when someone invited a person to visit them. It meant sit for a talk or conversation.  When a Witch casts spells s/he is having a conversation with the Universe. S/he is communicating with the great Divine power much like many do when praying. There are some differences between “Prayers” and “Spells”. A Prayer asks Deity. Spells state their will to Deity. A Prayer is hope. A Spell is conviction.  A Prayer is folded hands and bowed heads. A Spell is open hands, raised heads with unique jesters. Neither should be considered right or wrong, they are merely matters of preferences.

The totally structure of a spell is complex yet simple. In doing a spell the practitioner considers herself or himself a part of the interworkings of the Great Universe.  The complexity is that all human-beings are spirits assigned to the realm or plane we call Earth. The Earth is one of innumerable planes or cogs connected to the Universal Engine we call “The All”. Every human-being is connected to The All, and is assigned our position for a “Purpose” very much like the skin cells and organs in our bodies have purpose. Human-beings main function in the Universal engine is like neurons shooting messages to the Universal-All. They do this in conscious and unconscious states for the purpose of feeding the Universe knowledge. Some call this storage of information in the ethereal the “Akashic  Records”, or the “Great Cosmic Library” of information. Information is constantly being sent to the Universe by human-beings like electrical currents when they are dreaming, learning, observing, evaluating, finding, collecting, discovering, growing and even casting spells. At the same time information is being sent back to human-beings too. We access that information by mediating, dreaming, calculating, conjuring, opening third-eye, and or accessing “The Source” (A Combination of Akashic Records and Universal Deity). That is why many people who intentionally access the Source are often called Sorcerers. In some cultures they are called Shamans. Sorcerers who apply what they learn from The Source and use it to create, develop and conjure are also called Alchemists.

Along with being assigned on this plane the Universe gives human beings the ability and tools to be successful, and to control their own destiny. The more a human being is successful to their purpose the more information is transmitted to The All. Therefore, what we feel is important for us to accomplish in our lives is also important to The All.  Human beings are given free will to use these tools on a positive (higher) or negative (lower) frequency. Both frequencies allocate what we call Karma. The type of frequency we use is the frequency that is returned to us to bring universal balance. Wiccans call this the Three Fold Law.  Wiccans normally petitions their spells on the higher frequency because of a standard they follow called the Wiccan Rede stating, “An harm none do what thy will”

So going back to the question what is a magick spell? A magick spell is not just magickally charged incantations that will grant your every request. Since the origin of the word was communication, talk and words it is easy to come to that conclusion. However, the true power of a spell is the “Intention” of the Wiccan, Witch, Pagan or Sorcerer. It is the combine power of thought, desire, conviction, and determination. This is the true power behind magick spells. Without the Practitioner exertion of intention the words given would be empty, uncharged and ineffective.  If the persons desires are not though out, cloudy, and uncertain the results of the spell will be the same.

So what is Intention? Intention is the formulated thought process of Will. When the thought process is well formulated, imbued with conviction, and consistent– then intention is a powerful vehicle to achieve goals. The human spirit signals to the Universe, and the Universe responses inturn.   When Intention is combined with incantations and spell-work the intention is reinforced and the Universal Source is even more likely to be triggered and release the wish to the practitioner as granted.

So if Intentions are so important why is it necessary to have tools for casting spells like herbs, oils, cauldrons, athames, wands, pentacles, potions, or even altars? The tools of the spell-caster are very important. Not as important as intentions, but they are important none the less, because using the tools places the spell-caster in a higher state of being, thus helping the message to be translated and transmitted to The All. In other words it reinforces the intention. For example human beings recognize the color pink as a universal color for love. We recognize a red candle as the universal color for passion. We recognize the color of green for money or wealth, and we recognize the white candle for finding clarity. These symbols are so powerful to the human mind that when using them in a spell the Universal-All automatically picks up on the practitioner’s desires and releases the quester’s petition as granted. This is called Sympathetic Magick. Sympathetic magick is employed by the practitioner uses of tools representing their socially learned meaning and desires for the effective outcome of a spell. For example: Making a poppet of a sick love one and laying it on the altar. Then pouring drops of a healing potion or tonic in the mouth of the poppet, and then visualizing the poppet and loved one as being healed. This is a clear message to the Universal-All to release and direct the petition as granted


Lower frequency spells are used to curse, to bound, to hurt, and to make love spells directed to particular individual(s). Many people believe that such spells are necessary and are willing to accept the low-frequency of Karma in order to protect themselves or love ones from harm, or to make a particular person they love fall in love with them, or to seek revenge. Many people believe that the act of seeking revenge with a spell is being an instrument of Universal Karma. Everyone must make choices in their lives, and no one knows for sure why a person would cast a low-frequency spell unless they take a walk in their shoes. Who is to say what any of us would do under such circumstance? Temptation is not just for the Judea-Christians but for all of us. We all have day-to-day challenges, and how we react to the challenges says a lot about what we have learned in our life’s journeys and what we have left to learn.  Karma is the great teacher, and we have to decide if the price of going to the woodshed is worth the deed itself.

Finally, remember that a spell must be carefully planned and written for a specific purpose. Understand the type of spell you are casting. Know the purpose for the spell. Know the deities that you want to work with in casting the spell. Each deity has its own aspect. Sometimes it is best to write our spells down before performing them –making sure we have everything we need. Choose the correct time to cast a spell. Know that Waxing Moons are used to gain in our lives like money or business ventures. Know that Waning moons are used for eliminate things in our lives like bad habits or bad relationship.  Know the most conducive portal hours of magick such as Sabbats, Esabats, Midnight, Noon, Dusk and Dawn. Choose the best quiet place to cast your spell. It is best to do it when no one is around or when all is asleep.  Spells need all of our attention in order to communicate with the Universal Source effectively. Distractions will interfere with spell-casting.

Most of all remember this: Write your spell in order for you to understand its meaning. Using a bat’s wing or an eye of newt is fine if you know the meaning for using them, and what they represent. However, if you do not know what they mean in the spell they are not necessary at best, and may ruin the spell at worst. If you are confused about a spell then imagine what The Divine Source must be wondering.  If a person gives you a spell and gives you ingredients to use for it make sure you understand what each item and tool represents. If you are not sure then have them explain each one to you. If it is an old written spell, and the original author/creator is no longer around to explain it to you then it is important to learn and study the meaning of the spell and its items. Try to figure out why the original writer added the tools and the items of the spells. Feel free to change it a little. If an item in the spell makes no sense to you feel free to substitute the items for one that speaks to you for the spell. This will make your spell your own, and it will be more effectively communicated to Source.

Finally know that when we cast a spell we open a gate or door to magick. Magick transmits a light like a beacon throughout the Universe. Through these doors there are many known and unknown spirits and entities that are attracted to the open door of light like moths to a flame, and may find their way to you and your home. Many may not be the best house mates. It is very important to cast a circle of protection before performing any spell. Then ask the Old Ones (Guardian Watch Towers) to watch over you while you cast your spell. They protect you from harm while you are casting your spell and they halt any intruders from entering the circle. When you are done don’t forget to dismiss the Watch Towers and thank them for their time. Then un-cast your circle.

Merry Meet and Merry Part!

~May your broom fly high. May it protect your portal from evil where it stays. May it cast a good circle, and may it clean negative energies away. ~

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