tree“Everything happens for a reason” is a common saying among people today. This saying which implies that all events happen for good reason; is a popular belief that all happenings, no matter how ugly, are part of a divine plan. This means that there is an all knowing and all powerful God or “Universe” that allows the madness, disorder and even death, for the betterment of us all. Some people that say this are religious or not so religious yet rooted in the trend of thought and intention worship. Thought worshippers believe that changes in ones thinking and a firm unshakable belief that a need is already met will always produce magical results. When I hear these things, I am so inclined to bring up the starving people of the world who are positive and sincerely want to live, yet die in the midst of all their longing. The Thought Worshipper usually smiles and tells me that the starving people aren’t visualizing in the proper way for the “Universe” to reward them with the food they desire.
I want to start by saying that the “Universe” is also a very sophisticated “Multiverse”; Just as the complete human being is also made up of multiple systems that are governed by their own individual laws. The religious man is over simplifying when he says that belief in a certain God will open doors for one to receive all that he or she may need, and the Thought Worshiper is doing the same when he advises people that that they ONLY need to think positive in order to magically receive what they need from the Universe. These truths only offer partial wisdom. Practical wisdom on this matter can’t proceed without knowledge of what I am calling the “Coincidence Body.” All of us have a coincidence body but the aim is to raise the vibration of it and thus create the “High Coincidence Body.”
What is the Coincidence body?
We are well aware that we have a physical body which deals directly with the immediate physical environment. We also have an etheric body that is invisible to the naked eye of most people, which is commonly known as chi today. It is a protective energy that wards off energetic sickness and nourishes the body and mind when it is healthy. It is also this layer that provides the chord that anchors the astral body and other more subtle spiritual bodies to the physical body. Without it, there could be no earthly existence because there would be no energetic layer to keep our spirits rooted in physical reality. Amongst the more subtle bodies is a layer of self that I am calling the coincidence body. We are moving in bodies (most of them energetic) that take up much more time-space than many of us know. We share potential stories with other people and environments, and through our choices, make deep energetic pacts that determine where we will go next in our individual journeys. The encompassing spirit of this potential is called the coincidence body. The coincidence body is the part of our spirit that reaches out to certain other bodies (people, plants, spirits, etc.) within certain vicinity, to create the next chapters of our stories. This coincidence body is always organizing and processing information and changing with each new person or situation it comes across. It holds the information of the interactions between oneself and all the bodies that have ever made either a shallow or deep emotional impact on it. The computer- like coincidence body is a spiritual organ that does not consider good or bad in what it stores, it merely stores and reacts to the data within its endless filing systems.
Once two people meet, for example, a bond is made that is stored in their individual coincidence bodies. If a deep bond is formed, the two people will have access to each other over any distance through dreams and through thought waves; like when a person calls a person on the phone just as the other person is thinking of him or her. If the two people live relatively close to each other, they will just happen to bump into each other by” coincidence” when both bodies are in synch and ready to manifest that truth in the physical realm. These experiences are due to the pacts or bonds made at deep and very subtle levels of our spirit bodies. This is why it is very important to be around people on a track that leads to a destination conducive to one’s wellbeing. The common individual develops very strong bonds to the people he is most familiar or emotionally drawn to, and coincidences will occur to make bonds stronger and stronger to these people and the worlds they represent. People represent worlds. They are like winding paths. The more you get to know them, the deeper you go into the forests of their being.
Each individual coincidence body has a unique fit for each person based on the mental/ emotional state, experiences and past lives of the individual. For example, if you tend to be highly emotional, your coincidence body will continue to provide coincidences that produce the emotions that you are most addicted to.
That is why people who choose to make a change must also go through the “tests” of the coincidence body as it continues to bring experiences that reflect the past and the emotional states that came with it. Let us look at the man that is addicted to alcohol. He may choose to quit drinking for various reasons, but as soon as he does, a friend calls with a grand party idea: “Let’s get wasted!” He may deny the first opportunity but later on he wins a contest giving him access to free beer. He may look to the sky and say, “Why are you doing this Lord? You want me to stay drunk?” He wonders why “god” would continue to throw alcohol in his direction. But this is most certainly not the work of some god in heaven. For if he does nothing he will remain on the alcoholic path despite his faith.
This man is going to have to find the inner strength to stand firm in his new decision and form bonds with his guides, health and certain people on a similar path in order to start pushing the “wheel” in the next direction. We begin to reprogram the coincidence body in our actions and associations.
Many times, we like to call things “divine signals” because of how magically they seem to pop up. It is dangerous to assume that anything that springs out of “nowhere” is going to make things better for you because nothing springs from “nowhere”. Truth is that the coincidence body has already been set in motion and will need new information to pull from in order to change gears. Once gears have been shifted, your guides have easy access to your coincidence, otherwise your coincidence body is merely a feeding ground for low life entities that can’t aid you in your spiritual evolution. Low life entities need you to stay nice and low so they can feed on anger, depression, etc.
This is the truth; there are spirits and people that need you to stay on a certain path. Through your coincidences they feed their agendas. If their agendas match with yours, then all seems to be well. But when you are ready to change, you must fight for they are no longer friends. For when you change your mind and begin to seek new alliances, they will still be working through your coincidence body to keep you on the track you are trying to flee from. The same “angels” that you would praise for getting you a beer, are now “demons” for bringing you to the beer. Remember, it is people and spirits both that work through the pacts you make with them through your coincidence body.
Magic spells, meditation and prayer are some of the ways many people try to influence this dimension of self. When the energy level of this field is raised to what I call the “High Coincidence Body”, your true guides have easy access to it. When this happens, pacts are made with higher beings so that the” coincidences” may come about that lead a soul to the next stage of the individual’s evolution.
How Do I Gain Access to the High Coincidence Body?
 In order for the most benevolent beings in your corner to have optimal access to your Coincidence Body, you must be of sound mind, stay in good company, have access to the right resources, and be filled with the energy from nature.
The taking in of this nature energy begins with eating foods that are alive with this energy. These foods can either be edible weeds, foods grown in gardens etc. They must be eaten slowly and appreciatively to maximize energy intake. Just as you need a healthy diet and lifestyle for the body to function properly and in order to think straight, you also need these things for the physical and ethereal bodies to have the energy to help support the more subtle bodies in moving in right or holistic directions. Some of this special energy can also come from meditating in nature, working with plants or wearing roots, etc. Once you are filled with energy, the potential of the individual raises because the foundation is sound.
Sound mindedness is of utmost importance. Many of us are emotion junkies falling over and over again into the same pit falls. This slows down our evolution because we keep living out and healing from the same scenes over and over again; stunting our evolving spectrum of experience. For example, the man addicted to anger and bitterness will keep playing out scenes that serve that spirit. He may serve that spirit through subconsciously looking for opportunities to express anger and by making excuses to protect the anger addiction. He might do this for an entire lifetime. All the stress this causes shortens his life span and keeps him from reaching his highest possible potential because his highest guides can’t reach him consistently through the cloud of anger. The vibration of his coincidence body is too low and interwoven with the coincidence bodies of other people that help him to continue to play out that anger scene. So when the guides send signs, he can’t see them. When they send him dreams, he’s too caught up in his own thoughts to take the time to try and remember them. Whenever there is a glimpse of divine light, he is too tuned into the red anger to see it. Perhaps people will talk about him at his funeral saying that God called him home early but the truth is that his refusal to grow killed him.
His guides couldn’t reach him because his energy was too low and his attention was always on the next drama that he had created through the anger demons he held so close to him. We are all servants of some spirit or another who feed on our vibrations. The key is to create an environment upon you that feeds the love of the benevolent helper spirits of either and earth. All of us have a destiny which is to grow strong and joyously explore with the tools provided in order to expand our awareness. Many of us rob ourselves of our true destiny. The worse crime is when we rob others. The innocent child that is killed by a stray bullet will not see his or her true earthly destiny in that particular lifetime. This is a hard pill to swallow; coincidence bodies of others can harm us. The stray bullet that hits the innocent child is a “coincidence body intrusion” the physical manifestation of someone else’s evil.
Of course, the true visionary gift is the ability to magnify the good, no matter how small and focus upon the beauty in even the most awful of happenings. To focus on the joy that the child was able to spread during the short life that he or she lived is an example of such grand and healthy vision. This is something we do have full control over; how we choose to view a thing. The coincidence body weaves itself into the coincidence bodies of other coincidence bodies to create a full story. We must also be careful of the people we call lovers and friends because their coincidence body and all its memories can intertwine with our own and bring strife.
Let us talk briefly about the people starving around the globe. Many of these people die, not because of destiny, faith or thought power, but because the resources are just not there. If there are no resources available, spirit can’t magically provide them. If we land on the moon, plants and oxygen won’t pop up by coincidence. The coincidence body is not a miracle worker in cases where there is nothing to work with. It manifests things in a very linear way and can’t give you that which your story parameters can’t support. Superman can’t fly into a horror flick and save all the characters. The coincidence body is synched with many other stories and there is a “how” and “why” things are the way they are. The best bet for the starving people, is for the people that have resources to reach out so that the miracles can reach them. This is already happening in many places. People are sending money and going abroad to offer support with methods of growing, which farther intertwines coincidence bodies; that of the “havers” and the “have-nots”. This of course must happen on a much grander scale. The “havers” and the “have-nots” must also form alliances to stop all acts that involve robbing people of their resources.
How Do I Use The High Coincidence Body?
Once you are charged up and aware, the High Coincidence Body can be experienced through awareness of the signs that subtly propel your consciousness forward. In this paradigm, you are at the steering well. The High Coincidence Body is like the road to self-discovery and the guides are pushing the gas pedal way down. So now you are being propelled fast in the right direction but you must know when to steer the wheel or opportunities will be missed. This is why the awareness piece is so important. If your benevolent guides and ancestors are giving you the coincidences you need, you must be aware enough to recognize the coincidence and then behave in a way to get the optimal effect. You must move in a mental-emotional space where you notice the subtle signs. Songs that are playing in the background, certain glances, energy fields or a strange familiarity surrounding people, thoughts, questions, people or plants that “randomly” pop into your head are all signs on how to proceed in a given coincidence. Shamans certainly wear herbs around their necks to nourish their etheric chi fields with plants energy but there is another reason. The plant is a teacher and healer. By wearing the plant or working with the plant, the coincidence body may attach to it. Once this happens, the plant can just happen to pop into your life when you need it or tell you about its healing properties in dream space. This is how plants can become spiritual allies.
If we begin to tire, become hungry or stressed, our vibration can lower. We must take care of ourselves and be careful not to revert to patterns of behavior that may make us miss the messages at hand. We must consciously stay clear in order to send out the right vibrations through our gazes and responses to outside and internal stimuli. Messages can’t always be received in a way we understand logically. If you are led to the forest or a river and find yourself waiting for a message, don’t become frustrated if “nothing” comes. Just relax and have faith that another type of communion is happening. Perhaps there are conversations and exchanges happening on deep spiritual levels that can’t be noticed at the time. Perhaps your etheric body just needed to fill up on the etheric nature vibration; whatever the case, trust the process and refuse to get frustrated. Frustration comes from trying to control the outcome. Practice taking things for what they are without judgment. Sit back in your meditations and watch your thoughts manifest. You are not your thoughts, Do not get attached to them and follow them unquestioningly for thoughts that pop into our heads at a lower vibration will usually only reflect past default patterns or a space for a “low entity” to possess you and experience what it wants through you. Once again, it’s important to be around people and environments that keep our vibrations high and to have tools to raise the vibration when it goes down. If you do find yourself tumbling into hurtful patterns, don’t fret. Just keep trying. The “muscles” will develop with practice and our lessons in this life can be rather painful. I can hardly stress how important it is to have good people in your corner.
Having the support of strong people and good habits are very important for if you are out of whack for too long, your coincidence body will soon follow. There are so many traps and negative coincidences that can come your way when your coincidence body is diseased. This is commonly known as having a string of “Bad Luck”. During cases of bad luck, the coincidence body is in such a horrid state, that it appears that everything is working against you. In this weakened state, you are also more susceptible to negative desires and wishes, or even spells of other people. Many of us are too depressed or stressed out to pull ourselves out of this condition and so we go and see a strong healer to counsel us and help us to look outside of our corrupted view in order to remedy that for us. The ability to see the lesson in the fall is of high importance. To be able to behave in a way that shows that you truly see the lesson is of higher importance. You may even get a pouch with roots to hold onto to act as a window for your guides to reach you through the cloudiness.
Herbs that are traditionally good for luck are also good for the charging of the coincidence body and ridding the coincidence body and astral body of “envida” the envy disease or the “evil eye”. The sad truth is that some people try to spill hate into the energetic bodies of others because they know no other way to direct their pain. Sorcerers of the left hand path find it easiest to affect the coincidence bodies of people they wish to hurt through dolls, especially the dolls one may find packaged in Walmart or with brand names such as “Barbie”. Due to the conditions in which these dolls are made, they are easily inhabited by evil etheric entities that would mesh well with the evil intent of any wrathful magician. Sage, Rosemary, Rue, Marigolds and Basil are all good to develop relationships for these purposes. Through the use of altars and herbs, we can influence this body to carry a different vibration. This is what spell magic is all about. For example, if someone is looking for love, there are many spell books out there designed to arm a witch or Shaman with herbs and words to link the coincidence body to the love vibration.
The coincidence Body is the vehicle in which you, the driver must stay in the state of “walking meditation” in order to notice all the blessings and opportunities that are hurled at you. You don’t want to miss these coincidences that hurl you in the direction of even more coincidences that will lead you to joy because your head is stuck in a drama cloud. This is what tuning in to your High Coincidence Body is all about. But you must take care of yourself or else you’ll lose energy & mental power and fall into behaviors that aren’t conducive to your wellbeing. Positive coincidences will come for a time, but you won’t have the power to capitalize upon them if you are off balance. Since our coincidence body is affected by the people we are around, it is of high importance to be around people that you wish to be like. The goal of this path is not to become a “perfect self” for nothing is perfect in itself. Everything is perfect in relation to something else. Your guides (who also have guides) aren’t perfect for everyone, just as much as your favorite band isn’t the perfect group for everyone to listen to. The goal is to discover self and learn to love that unique self in a way that is conducive to the wellbeing of others. This journey is lifelong and too difficult for the immature person who spends most of his or her days in a cycle of continuous repetitive drama; living out the same scene with different characters.
It is very true that there is a reason for everything; but those reasons aren’t always dictated by something that we could consider noble or benevolent. We hold the keys to how much love, joy and wisdom we can experience through the development of the mind, emotions and the subtle aspects of self. We have the capacity to be honest with ourselves, have great faith and fill up on natural/ love energy. When we do this we begin to see with our higher eyes into the directions that our guides are leading us. It is time to develop the wherewithal to see beyond thinking that pulls us into the same dramatic scenes. We must also have the guts to act when we are afraid and trust the signs guiding the way. When we unlock the power of our High Coincidence Body, we are then shot faster through our coincidences into the direction that will lead to greater spiritual unfoldment. So in the end the say in is true. Everything does indeed happen for a reason, but it can’t happen for good reason without Knowledge of Self!

9 Banishing and Exorcism Herbs-

Herb Angelica

  By Monticue

Nine Magical Herbs!  Nine is a powerful number that pops up over and over again in societies of magic and mystery. 9 is a sacred number to the Maya Healers, for the number corresponds to the 9 Maya Spirits; Ancient and very strong spirits for healing among the Maya Healers. In African American Folk Magic circles it is a very important number for activating effective communication with the unseen world. In Western Numerology the number represents death and the completion of a cycle. This makes the number closely relatable to ancestors and the “other side”. In the Santeria tradition, there is a Goddess of the wind & death named Oya. She is referred to as the “Mother of Nine”. I have chosen nine herbs for this class in the spirit of those wonderful magical circles that have come before.

Plants have been used to aid in exorcisms and banishing evil since the dawn of man. Here is a list of herbs said to be great for ridding a home or person of evil spirits.

1.      Rosemary- The last time that I had a hard time sleeping because of a nightmare of one kind or another, I placed some rosemary into my pillow. Very forcefully, I was pulled from the consciousness of the negative dream to a place where images were much more pleasant. It was as if hands were in my brain rapidly tapping out codes to alter my consciousness.

Quote-“I rushed back to the cement house with the coals, catching Panti dousing the woman with holy water from head to foot, nearly shouting the Mayan prayers over her. I went to fetch the pieces of Copal…He also sprinkled dried Rosemary on the coals as he repeated the prayers and held her pulse.” –Rosita Arvigo “Sastun”

Lore- Rosemary is said to stimulate memory. It also promotes joy in people feeling the blues. It is extremely famous in esoteric circles for getting rid of bad dreams once sprinkled inside of a pillow. It has been used to attract luck and is often mixed with copal to aid in spiritual purification. Rosemary is an all around sub for any spiritual use.

Medicinal Factoid- “Drink a tea of leaves to cleanse stomach of mucus.”


2.      Rue- I met a woman that told me that her son suffered from night terrors. Shee would wake up in the middle of the night and walk around screaming, fighting and crying while still asleep. She tried all sorts of modern approaches to the problem to no avail. While studying herbs she found out that Rue was used in repelling bad spirits. She sort of chuckled and brought a rue plant home and sat it in her son’s room. From then on out, there was no sign of even a nightmare!

The first time I slept near this herb, I dreamed of powerful being with great white wings; an amazing force of love and light!

Quote- “The main ingredients he used were holy water from any Catholic Church, an herb called Rue and Copal incense, which he garnered from the resin of the sacred Copal tree. Rue known around the world as the Herb of Grace, has many different uses in both physical and spiritual healing. It is a favorite household remedy for many ailments but it is best known for its sure action against evil spirits.”

Quote-“That night I had a dream… Continue reading

I Root Worker

treeoflifeRoot Worker

By MonticueConnally

I consider myself to be a root worker because some of my greatest allies in dealing with spiritual issues have been roots and the dried leaves and flowers of plants. When the right plant is burnt, space is cleansed and auras re-charged. When the right herb is worn, positive thoughts infiltrate the depressed or sick mind. When powerful angelic roots are brought into the haunted home, demons flee and never return. Herbs are the ultimate allies, working to save us long after we have forgotten them.

Roots work on many levels. They can be carried or kept close to the body to rid the aura of negative attachments, ward off the effects of bad vibes given off by enemies, enhance psychic ability and understanding, and attract benevolent beings for counsel or for protection during the night from night terrors or other malevolent spiritual forces. It is good to give back to the roots that work for you. I usually give Reiki to the herbs I am working with. Reiki is a healing modality where energy flows through the hands to heal or energize. As soon as the Reiki practitioner touches the body or etheric field of a living being the energy starts flowing. The practitioner will feel the hands warm up as the Reiki energizes the receiver and sends healing energy to off balance areas of the receiver’s body. The hands won’t respond if applied to a steering wheel or a cement block. This dramatic warming up of hands happens when touching a living thing. Whenever I touch my roots, my hands “light up” immediately.
When the roots are plucked from earth, they enter into another type of living. The angelic spirit of the root stays with the root as long as the physical root lasts. This is why the roots can work for us and receive the love we give back. If you aren’t trained in Reiki, the roots respond to offerings of songs, sincere and kind words, deep meditation or even caringly rubbing olive oil onto the root. There is healing in the intent and the action both. If you just intend to offer to the root, it’s not as effective as intending and doing. If I go and tell my mother that I intended to buy her a birthday gift but I never get around to it, she would not be as satisfied as if I actually put in the effort and produce. The roots actually receive all that you offer them on an etheric level. You may even have dreams of them thanking you. This is one of the ways that I communicate with my active herbs.

Active herbs are the plants that are working for you and/or herbs you have given purpose. They are on your altar or in your pocket, calling you from the wild, or in any space of purpose and focus. For example, I intuitively wore High John the Conqueror Root (Ipomoea purga) during a terrible illness that affected my mind and made me terribly depressed. Whenever I wore the High John, I could only hear one thought in my head over and over again, “Full Recovery, Full recovery…”. This gave me the strength that I needed to get through the process. That High John the Conqueror Root was working for me even before I knew its purpose! High John knew what I needed and gave generously. It was only right that I gave back to High John whenever I could. The High John had a positive effect on my mind and auric body similar to the reported effects of St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforlatum). I worked with Osha (Ligusticum Porterii) this past Christmas when I began getting bad vibes from some of the gifts under the tree. Instead of taking the offensive gifts from under the tree and putting them into the trunk of my car (which would offend members of the family), I put a piece of Osha Root behind the star at the top of the tree and it kept the negativity at bay. The right roots will do what you need them to do.

Make sure you also begin learning Latin names of the plants you are using so that you will be sure that you have the right herb. One plant can have a bunch of Continue reading

Earth Angel: The Osha Root

herbs_oshaEarth Angel

By MonticueConnally

I went on an Osha (Ligusticum porteri) dig in the mountains with a few friends. Osha grows close to Aspen trees usually and can’t be found at less than 6,000 feet. My herbal mentor and I tried to find some Osha to dig the week before but our guide couldn’t find the plant. This time we brought a different guide with us and a local farmer. This guide was much better than the last, who took us straight to the plant, Osha. Osha is also known as Bear Medicine because bears are known to have a great love for the herb. They will dig up the root and eat it when they come out of hibernation. It is also said that the bears will roll over the root to cover themselves in its scent. The powerful herb is rumored to ward off rattlesnakes and bring mystical dreams and protection from negative thoughts if worn. Many Native American groups consider the plant to be sacred and would burn the plant to be rid of subtle negative influences. I heard that it was great for colds which I seemed to be catching a lot from the kids at my job. This is why I wanted some.

The Osha was right next to some Aspen trees. My mentor told everyone to be quiet and to honor the plants. She pulled out two very large Sage sticks and lit them. She quietly stood facing each of the four directions. She then told us to pick a plant. The farmer was eager to dig so that she could get the root swiftly and put it in honey to flavor it. The honey makes it medicinal. My mentor told her to put her tools away because the Osha doesn’t like metal. She told us that we would have to use sticks to dig up the root. The farmer was not pleased and began to question my mentor. “How can a root, not like metal? How can a root not like anything? It is a root and that is all!”

My mentor was not offended by the farmer’s questioning. She simply responded calmly, Continue reading

Voyages to the Other Side

By MonticueConnally
Astral Travel
Astral Travel

One day as I was lying on the couch, I felt energy between my eye brows and above my head. The vibrations of the energy between my eyebrows grew really intense. I focused on the intensity and felt a slight pain in my head which was accompanied by a slight sizzling sound. Fully conscious; I felt a sensation that was like I was being squeezed into a small hole. This was an unpleasant sensation, and I also felt discomfort in my lower gut and kidney area. All of a sudden I was shot through what I can only describe as a cosmic tunnel. All around me was darkness and what appeared to be stars zipping past me at light speed. I found myself in a cabin. I attempted to walk but fell gently, and slowly. I could barely control my limbs which were much lighter than usual. I quickly realized that I was using my light body, or what is commonly referred to as an astral body.

I was having a hard time using this astral body and I stumbled around the cabin in an uncoordinated yet feather-like fashion. My motions reminded me of moving in virtual reality: a computer simulated environment. I experienced virtual reality as a child and had great difficulty enjoying the experience. I looked around the virtual game world wearing the virtual goggles and reached for things using the virtual gloves but the movements in the game didn’t exactly mirror the intent of the movements that I was making. The timing was a bit off and reaching any objective was quite frustrating. My astral experienced proved to be quite similar to that. I realized that I wasn’t even using the same parts of my mind to move this body. The parts of the mind that I used, while in my physical body, were much easier to access. To use this astral body I had to concentrate my will more intensely. It was sort of like a child having to stand on his tip toes to flip a light switch. I eventually learned to move gracefully and noticed how stable the environment was. The realm and its laws behaved very similar to that of the physical.

I was abruptly overcome with thoughts of worry. I wondered if I would I ever see my family and my familiar surroundings Continue reading

Astral Devils

By MonticueConnally

Miranda, a first grade teacher comes home to her two girls after a long night of parent- teacher conferences. One of the girls is bragging to the other about a new doll she received as an early birthday present from her Godmother. The other daughter, obviously jealous tries to snatch the doll from her sister who yells, “Mom!!” Miranda is feeling more irritated this night than usual. She snatches the doll from the girls and tells them in a fierce tone to get into bed right away. This startles the girls that run out of the room and up the stairs in a flash.

Cleansing Negative Energies

She looks at the doll and notices a little bunny design sewn into the dress. “Cute”, she says to herself trying to make her mood brighter. She takes a breath, places the doll on the top of the fire place and goes into her dimly lit bedroom with the strange feeling that something isn’t right. She puts on her pajamas and hops into bed with her husband who is already asleep. It’s finally time to get the well needed rest that she had been waiting for all day long.She lays there for about 5 minutes and realizes that someone is watching her. She lifts her head to look over her shoulder and no one is there. She lays her head back down and 5 minutes later she feels as if someone is watching her again. She opens her eyes, hops out of the bed, walks over to the door and flips on the light switch. There is no one in the room. “I must be trippin!’” she thinks as she turns the light switch off and crawls back into the bed even more tired than before.

After a few minutes she senses that she is being watched and chooses to ignore the sensation. She lies in bed and despite her fatigue can’t seem to fall asleep. She tosses and turns for hours and then gets out of bed frustrated. She goes to the kitchen to grab a drink of water, goes back onto the bedroom and lies down. She feels the eyes upon her and ignores them once again. She drifts off into a dream state. In the dream she relaxes next to a river and then notices a rabbit. She smiles at the cute rabbit and it turns to her and begins to smile at her. The eyes of the rabbit look like human eyes full of evil intent and the smile of the rabbit looks exaggerated and terrifying. The rabbit begins to laugh loudly as she is filled with a magnified sense of terror. She shakes and wakes out of her nightmare feeling as if something evil is upon her. The aura of evil seems to encompass the whole room.

She opens her bedroom door and feels the presence even more than before. She follows the disturbing auric trail and notices that the force feels stronger the closer she gets to the room of her daughters. She quietly prays to herself as she grabs the doorknob of her daughters’ room. When she opens the door she is blasted with the full force sensation of the evil presence. One of her daughters is asleep with the new doll that Continue reading

Banish Anger ~ Summon Joy

Test of Faith by Artist WAK

By MonticueConnally

There are many of us who find peace when we meditate but only find war when we go out into the world. We are beaten up, manipulated and tossed around and when we get home, we go to our altars to center ourselves and find temporary solace before bed. The next time you are meditating and you catch a flash of inner peace, focus and hold onto it. Magnify it by letting its influence expand until it fills your entire being. Don’t lose the sense of tranquility when your eyes open. Try to walk into that tranquil space while moving through your day. Be just as still inside and as alert as when you were at your altar. As you are influenced by the people and the situations around you, sit back in your peace and notice your own thought patterns and emotions. SEE them as they are (not as good or bad) and ask yourself if these patterns are creating the road that will lead to your desired goal. Even more importantly, ask yourself if you can remain in peace and see all the many blessings while on the journey. The journey is the gift. Knowing this to be true is not enough. Your other aspects of self must reflect the knowledge in your head or else your actions will contradict what you think you know.

One of the best examples of this is with kids fighting to be in the front of the line. The knowledgeable kid is yelling “Hey, stop fighting, we are all going to the same place!” He is yelling this truth while pushing and fighting to be in the front of the line. This is how many of us behave. We know the journey; the present is where the life is. We know that the journey is the blessing but we are constantly worrying and fighting to control things that are out of our immediate power. We want what we want, right now, never realizing that the joy has to come from within first. We forget that joy is a muscle that walking in meditation helps us to develop. If you have not worked your joy muscles by practicing the art of maintaining happiness, you will never be happy, even after your goal is reached because you never learned joy.

Our goals are essentially propulsion for us to walk. The goal is the carrot dangling in front of us (horses) to keep us moving on this trail. The goal Continue reading

God in Me by Artist WAK

Demons of Disconnect

By MonticueConnally

I once spoke with a wise man who said that as we elevate in spiritual consciousness, the less we need the outside world, earth and all. In his view, the greatest of the greatest of men in the ancient of days “elevated” from the eating of meat, to the eating of veggies, to the drinking of only liquids, to living off of the breath alone. He said that this is the ultimate level of spiritual mastery and completion because at this stage there is nothing that has to go into the body or come out of the body. There are too many spiritual systems that act as though the ultimate achievement of man would be to not be dependent on the earth for anything (as if air is an exception).  Man was never meant to be separate spiritually from the beautiful Mother Earth. There is too much medicine within Her, and the more he understands self, the more he can understand Her. The goal is not to try to understand self to detach and be alone on some Zen island of peace. It’s actually the opposite. The goal is to understand self; to know your strengths and find purpose in order to CONNECT and work harmoniously with whatever is in your environment. Our planet’s foods, herbs, stones, other various elements and wonderful beings can aid you wherever you are in your spiritual development. There are elements (stones, plants, etc.) that stimulate the crown chakra and elements that are more grounding, helping to balance the functioning of the so-called “lower chakras”.

I think that is part of the problem behind the desire to disconnect is in our language. We associate “higher” with closer to God/ perfection and “lower” with being closer to Earth/imperfection. This is an incorrect way to look at spiritual development. For example, it is wise to see the chakras as a circle (going from root to crown and back to root) instead of a one way upward line to heaven. By looking at it in a linear/ hierarchical sense, we tend to demonize the other spheres of consciousness. Does the water go up as steam and not fall again as rain? Is not the Continue reading

The Anatomy of Spells

Magick Spells
Magick Spells
By Jeanine DeOya

What is a magick Spell? Good question. The oldest English meaning of the word spell I could find stated that it came from the Old High Germanic word – spellōn meaning communication of thought by words; talk, conversation, discourse, to foretell,  to mean, or to promise. This is how the phrase “Sit for a spell” came into being when someone invited a person to visit them. It meant sit for a talk or conversation.  When a Witch casts spells s/he is having a conversation with the Universe. S/he is communicating with the great Divine power much like many do when praying. There are some differences between “Prayers” and “Spells”. A Prayer asks Deity. Spells state their will to Deity. A Prayer is hope. A Spell is conviction.  A Prayer is folded hands and bowed heads. A Spell is open hands, raised heads with unique jesters. Neither should be considered right or wrong, they are merely matters of preferences.

The totally structure of a spell is complex yet simple. In doing a spell the practitioner considers herself or himself a part of the interworkings of the Great Universe.  The complexity is that all human-beings are spirits assigned to the realm or plane we call Earth. The Earth is one of innumerable planes or cogs connected to the Universal Engine we call “The All”. Every human-being is connected to The All, and is assigned our position for a “Purpose” very much like the skin cells and organs in our bodies have purpose. Human-beings main function in the Universal engine is like neurons shooting messages to the Universal-All. They do this in conscious and unconscious states for the purpose of feeding the Universe knowledge. Some call this storage of information in the ethereal the “Akashic  Records”, or the “Great Cosmic Library” of information. Information is constantly being sent to the Universe by human-beings like electrical currents when they are dreaming, learning, observing, evaluating, finding, collecting, discovering, growing and even casting spells. At the same time information is being sent back to human-beings too. We access that information by mediating, Continue reading