Astral Devils

By MonticueConnally

Miranda, a first grade teacher comes home to her two girls after a long night of parent- teacher conferences. One of the girls is bragging to the other about a new doll she received as an early birthday present from her Godmother. The other daughter, obviously jealous tries to snatch the doll from her sister who yells, “Mom!!” Miranda is feeling more irritated this night than usual. She snatches the doll from the girls and tells them in a fierce tone to get into bed right away. This startles the girls that run out of the room and up the stairs in a flash.

Cleansing Negative Energies

She looks at the doll and notices a little bunny design sewn into the dress. “Cute”, she says to herself trying to make her mood brighter. She takes a breath, places the doll on the top of the fire place and goes into her dimly lit bedroom with the strange feeling that something isn’t right. She puts on her pajamas and hops into bed with her husband who is already asleep. It’s finally time to get the well needed rest that she had been waiting for all day long.She lays there for about 5 minutes and realizes that someone is watching her. She lifts her head to look over her shoulder and no one is there. She lays her head back down and 5 minutes later she feels as if someone is watching her again. She opens her eyes, hops out of the bed, walks over to the door and flips on the light switch. There is no one in the room. “I must be trippin!’” she thinks as she turns the light switch off and crawls back into the bed even more tired than before.

After a few minutes she senses that she is being watched and chooses to ignore the sensation. She lies in bed and despite her fatigue can’t seem to fall asleep. She tosses and turns for hours and then gets out of bed frustrated. She goes to the kitchen to grab a drink of water, goes back onto the bedroom and lies down. She feels the eyes upon her and ignores them once again. She drifts off into a dream state. In the dream she relaxes next to a river and then notices a rabbit. She smiles at the cute rabbit and it turns to her and begins to smile at her. The eyes of the rabbit look like human eyes full of evil intent and the smile of the rabbit looks exaggerated and terrifying. The rabbit begins to laugh loudly as she is filled with a magnified sense of terror. She shakes and wakes out of her nightmare feeling as if something evil is upon her. The aura of evil seems to encompass the whole room.

She opens her bedroom door and feels the presence even more than before. She follows the disturbing auric trail and notices that the force feels stronger the closer she gets to the room of her daughters. She quietly prays to herself as she grabs the doorknob of her daughters’ room. When she opens the door she is blasted with the full force sensation of the evil presence. One of her daughters is asleep with the new doll that she had place upon the fire place. The doll is face down in her child’s arms. She turns the doll around to see its face and the negativity shoots right at her. She grabs the doll and her skin begins to crawl.

She takes the doll outside and begins to walk thinking about how silly she probably looks. She places the doll on the sidewalk right next to the intersection of two crossing streets and says a prayer. When she goes back into the house, the presence is no longer there. A glass of water eases her mind and soul and she easily falls into a peaceful sleep. I have been through similar scenarios since puberty.

There are “heavy” astral/etheric entities that seek attention through attaching themselves to the etheric fields of non living items. These items are so attractive in one way or another that they usually end up in the home. The entities feed off of certain human emotions and attention, so they link to items that receive human affections and attentions such as dolls, statues, certain charms and paintings. Some of these heavy lower vibrating entities appear to feed primarily off of fear and anxiety. They promote these emotions by leeching off of our astral bodies. Entities such as these aren’t the type to be reasoned with. They only wish to feed on negativity and they are very hungry! When I sense one on an object, the easiest measure is to remove the object from the home.

But sometimes the object is a gift from a loved one and you may want to keep the item and remove the spirit from it. I have had most of my success at ridding myself of the most powerful ones with the use of banishing herbs. Burning Sage is one of the most common methods, but this remedy doesn’t work for me all of the time. I combined some banishing herbs into a smelly liquid that I call “High Area”. It is an acronym for Hyssop, Ivy, Garlic and another 5 herbs that I use to make a brown decoction that my 4yr old daughter calls the “brown bath” because of its color. One day she caught me bathing a few of her dolls (ones I had problems with in the past) in the High Area and asked if she could help Daddy give her dolls the “brown bath too!”

After the bath I did the overnight test and allowed the problem items to stay in the home. The items that I washed in the bath caused me no problems. No tossing and turning in the bed. No feelings of being watched. No psychic attacks to disturb sleep. There was no getting up at 3am in the morning to locate the source of this negative entity, and remove it from the home. I’ve had a much higher success rate with this method than with smudging.

There are varying degrees of troublesome entities. Depending on the spiritual sensitivity of the individual and the astral intensity of the low vibration entity, there are various measures that may be taken.

In my experience, most astral entities aren’t troublesome for humans on this plane. Not even for the really sensitive ones like me. Most astral entities just carry on with their business as though they are not aware of us. Perhaps we are the equivalent of ants to some of the four dimensional beings that have “higher” interests.  Maybe some of the invisible entities really can’t perceive us and are only aware of their immediate realm. Whatever the case, there are few of these entities that are obviously aware of us. Out of these few, there are those that use mediums, physical beings or certain objects to increase their influence, and or feed on this plane. Out of these few there are even fewer that are troublesome, but they can really wreak havoc directly on people like myself.

It seems to be the same with humanity at the other end. The mediums and psychics are not the majority in this realm and may use a tool of choice to meddle with unknown entities residing on the “other side”. I’m sure that some of us are the pests of those realms! The low vibration astral entities I’m describing are not common pests because many human beings are not sensitive enough to sense their influence. Most people that experience negative spiritual entities do so in the form of mood swings, depression, insomnia or a strange feeling. The few people with very sensitive auras have a very dramatic reaction to some of these forces.

In dealing with the troublesome, low vibration, spirits that aren’t attached to the aura of anything physical I am able to handle the weakest by simply saying anything along the lines of “beat it!” I clap my hands and they leave immediately. The next level of troublesome nonattached entities is defeated with a prayer and calling a bunch of protectors and guides by name. Great Bear my Totem Protector is always there chasing these guys away.

If that doesn’t work, I need to get a little more serious and sit cross legged or in the half lotus. This position with the thumbs touching (a classic Zen pose) and placing the tongue at the roof of the mouth gets rid of much negative energy. If that doesn’t work I can rid all non attached entities by chanting “Nam Myoho Rhenge Kyo”. A white light appears and wipes out everything non-attached at that point.

If anything troublesome is left over, I’m dealing with heavier entities. When this is the case, I’ll try a variety of approaches depending on what I have in the cabinet. I may burn Sage in the area, place sea salt around the bed, place certain stones such as black tourmaline (this stone seems to make me less sensitive to the negative vibes) or clear quartz under my pillow or around my neck or place water near to my head. There are calming entities in water that are very small and very positive. I sense them as a type of water fairy.

The strongest are the attached low vibration entities (the ones attached to dolls, amulets and etc.). They are a different problem. These Troublesome, Rooted, Offensive, Leech- Like Spirits (TROLLS) can anchor their heavy astral bodies in the etheric aura of things living and not so living. Over time they can gather enough energy to cause serious problems for people like me; the people born with one foot in the other side, who can sense them directly as living entities. Less sensitive people wouldn’t be able to sense these creatures directly until many years later when the TROLL has gathered enough energy to become a full fledged poltergeist!

Through working with banishing herbs (Hyssop, Ivy, garlic, Heliotrope, Angelica, Rue, Elecampane, Asafetida, etc) I have been able to rid myself of them most of the time! For items that I can’t clear (I’ve had some problems with some mirrors and paintings) I remove them from the house.

I have spent many nights even worse off than Miranda. There was a time when my senses weren’t even developed enough to sniff out the source of the bad vibes. Most nights I would toss and turn never reaching the dream state with the strange feeling of being watched. On nights where I was finally able to find sleep I would have normal dreams interrupted by a terrifying sensation, and I wake up shaking in a room reeking with negative energy. I was never rested and it affected my work and schooling throughout the years. The heavy Christian/ Islamic influence of my family and friends offered no solutions that helped. Prayer and fasting did nothing for the severe cases. It was even more annoying to listen to people who would tell me that positive thinking alone would remedy the issue. As if I could just “believe” these entities away! When I ventured outside of the immediate box of family and friends and talked to the local Shamans and Priests in the community I was answered with fear, from most of them. They would tell me that they had no such experiences, and that operated only from a religious standpoint. In my late twenties I stumbled upon a Hoodoo book and began to experiment. Years after I began to meet others with their own experiences of how they handled TROLLS and negative energies in their everyday lives. Now, with the tools that I have acquired, I am able to quickly do away with the spirits that feed on negativity and deal more effectively with the helpful spirits that exist on the amplification of joy and love.

Blessed Be!


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