Official African American Wiccan Society Blog

All Our Devotion is a forum expressing and presenting the ideas of the Pan African / Neo-Spirituality Movement in addition to all other Pagan Spiritualities like Wicca, Native American, Egyptian/African Diaspora, Witchcraft, Kemet, and Druidism just to name a few.  The movement is Goddess-Centered as opposed to the traditional hierophantic patriarchal religions bestowed to the African Ancestors and other people of color which were passed down to many generations. This ideological resurgence is a reclaiming of the Divine Feminine and the Ancestral spiritualism.  We also honor the Spiritual Lord’s many blessed aspects or archetypes, and other lost indigenous religious rites and traditions. This blog gives voices to the spiritual awakened, oppressed, and previously muted. Feel free to check every second and fourth Sunday under our Devotional Information section for bi-monthly inspirations. Also check the blog section for seasonal comments during special sabbats and celebrations.